Cohesion Arts: Photography by Paul Schatzkin | Portals of Stone 2014

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Caerlaverock CastleCaerlaverock Castle - Main GateCaerlaverock CastleCaerlaverock CastleSweetheart AbbeySweetheart AbbeyA Portal In A Puddle - Sweetheart AbbeyDundrennan Abbey PA130622-EditLanercost Priory - the "Portalized" VersionLanercost PrioryLanercost Priory UndercroftLanercost Priory - UndercroftLanercost Priory - "Turnerized"Brougham CastleMiddleham CastleMiddleham Castle PA160105-EditKirkstall Abbey PA150206-Edit-2Kirkstall Abbey PA150243-EditKirkstall Abbey - Leeds, Yorkshire England.Kirkstall Abbey PA150259_HDR-Edit